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  • Immune Herbs & Acute First Line Defence in URTI’s

    Immune Herbs & Acute First Line Defence in URTI’s

    Acute upper respiratory tract infections (URTI’s) are a common reason for medical visits, with naturopathic practice often relegated to a secondary role for complications. Early involvement using acute herbal immune care however can be pivotal in capturing a URTI, keeping it short, sharp and uncomplicated.

  • How to Manage Your Staff Effectively

    How to Manage Your Staff Effectively

    It takes time, money and effort to hire and train new staff. And, just like our patients and customers, each staff member with their individual personality, responds to different management styles. However, there are common measures you can utilise to effectively manage staff:

  • Fighting the Unknown Virus

    Fighting the Unknown Virus

    As naturopaths, we work to restore function rather than remove disease, and because of this, we can do some of our best work with patients who have symptoms of unknown or unclear aetiology by taking a thorough case history and looking for underlying rivers we can determine system dysfunction and imbalances and work with the patient to improve function and restore good health. This case is a good example of how successful this approach can be, even when the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms is unclear.

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