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  • Inflammation and Infertility - Basic Treatment Considerations

    Inflammation and Infertility - Basic Treatment Considerations

    One in six couples suffer from infertility in Australia. One-third of these cases are attributed to female reproductive problems. Inflammation is a common presentation in clinical practice and is often a significant factor that diminishes the likelihood of successful conception. While inflammation and infertility can be complex, there are some primary treatment options we can consider to help mitigate this single, but crucial, imbalance.

  • An Unrecognised Driver of Hormonal Hot Flushes

    An Unrecognised Driver of Hormonal Hot Flushes

    Hot flushes affect up to 80% of women during menopause and can be severe and debilitating. While the precise cause of menopausal hot flushes is not fully understood, this case study highlights an often-unrecognised mediator of menopausal hot flushes: histamine.

  • UV-Protection, Anti-ageing & Hyperpigmentation

    UV-Protection, Anti-ageing & Hyperpigmentation

    Much practitioner education for naturopaths, herbalists and nutritionists in the area of ‘skin health’ is rightly focused on chronic skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis and alike. However, for some time now, there has been a tremendous rise in interest in anti-ageing medicine, natural skincare and natural cosmetics. Moreover, skin health and natural beauty are perceived as an indicator of one’s general health and youthfulness, while at the same time awareness of detrimental factors such as poor nutrition, exposure to harmful environmental pollutants and ultraviolet radiation (UVR) has increased. Many botanical and nutritional ingredients can be used orally and/or topically to complement topical sunscreens, helping to address premature skin ageing and optimise skin health.

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