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  • Extract Ratio Conversions: A Herbal How to Guide

    Extract Ratio Conversions: A Herbal How to Guide

    In order to obtain beneficial phytochemicals from selected medicinal herbs, numerous extraction methods have evolved over the centuries. As a result, multiple delivery forms and extract ratios have developed. Our modern dispensaries reflect this, with shelves revealing an array of liquid herbal extracts in different ratios, tablets and in some cases, dried herbs for decoctions.

  • 5G – the good, the bad & the unknown

    5G – the good, the bad & the unknown

    Technology is ubiquitous in our daily life, offering limitless information and services at our fingertips – with Google maps, Uber eats and live traffic updates now a part of our everyday life. But what if we could enhance this experience and go well beyond that? What if we could: download movies in moments instead of hours; Livestream events instantaneously without delays, lapses or telecommunication interferences; and automate our cooking and cleaning to return home to the optimal temperature, our favourite tunes playing and with the oven on and ready for dinner?

  • Ducts in a Row - Let the Bile Flow

    Ducts in a Row - Let the Bile Flow

    Bile acids are diverse molecules that act as physiological detergents to assist bile flow. They are primarily synthesized in the liver from cholesterol and play a major role in the intestinal absorption and transport of lipids, vitamins and minerals. Bile acids further act as signalling molecules that activate nuclear and cell signalling pathways that play a role in regulating lipid, glucose and energy metabolism. As well as, cholesterol homeostasis, calcium mobilisation, cyclic AMP synthesis, protein kinase C activation and systemic endocrine functions.

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