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  • Microbial Diversity for Holistic Healing

    Microbial Diversity for Holistic Healing

    The use of probiotics in clinical practice has become increasingly sophisticated as the body of research has exploded, supporting their use in the treatment of many common ailments. It is an exciting time for naturopathic practice as we gain a deeper understanding about the interconnectedness of body systems in health, in particular the profound effect of gut health and the intestinal microbiome on mental health, the immune system, reproductive and cardiovascular/metabolic health.

  • Kerry Bone's Clinical Notes on Ecologic Barrier

    Kerry Bone's Clinical Notes on Ecologic Barrier

    There is evidence to suggest that bacterial translocation and a leaky gut can contribute to a number of common health problems. In particular, conditions related to central sensitivity syndrome such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and interstitial cystitis, and also depression, seem to be linked to this phenomenon. There is also a suggestion from various studies that disordered gut flora and a disrupted gastrointestinal barrier may contribute to the pathology of autoimmune disease. The following are clinical observations with 11 patients who were given a probiotic, Ecologic Barrier.

  • The Role of the Intestinal Barrier in NAFLD

    The Role of the Intestinal Barrier in NAFLD

    As natural healthcare practitioners, we are all aware of the critical importance of the gastrointestinal barrier as one of the body’s major defence mechanisms. Our intestinal barrier fulfils an essential role in maintaining homeostasis within the body, which it does by regulating the absorption of nutrients, electrolytes and water from the gastrointestinal tract into the circulation, while simultaneously preventing the entry of pathogenic microorganisms, toxic metabolites, insufficiently digested food particles, and other immune-modulatory components.

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