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  • It's Not Always in the Brain

    It's Not Always in the Brain

    When working in a systems rather than integrative approach it can be easy to approach issues of cognitive dysfunction with regular herbal therapeutics and nutritional strategies to enhance the function of the brain’s natural capacities. However, what if the symptoms are not resulting from a decline in cognitive function? The following case provides an integrative assessment of some underlying drivers affecting cognitive health.

  • Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids on Cognition in the Aging Population

    Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids on Cognition in the Aging Population

    A recent study on the eating habits of Australians found that only 20 percent consume the recommended daily intake of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). This reduced intake of omega-3 PUFA is thought to be associated with increased inflammatory processes, reduced cardiovascular health and compromised cognitive function in later life.

  • Meeting up with Motivation

    Meeting up with Motivation

    As practitioners it can be difficult to stay motivated, especially when the role can sometimes be very isolating. Keeping motivated may seem easier when you’re busy, however when business starts to slow down, having the desire to get things done can decrease. Working to improve motivation can have added benefits to your business including improved quality of work and increased productivity and revenue.

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