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  • The Underlying Complexities of Acute Infections

    The Underlying Complexities of Acute Infections

    The most common and frequent pathogens that we are exposed to include influenza and cold viruses. Generally, the symptoms are short lasting, and we recover within 7-10 days, and only require acute support, however, when re-infections are frequent and debilitating, evaluating for underlying drivers is a key holistic principle. Addressing underlying factors involves a systemic evaluation, including the role of the mitochondria, gastrointestinal function, the microbiome, underlying stealth pathogen infections, and auto-immune conditions.

  • Looking for the Root Cause

    Looking for the Root Cause

    Respiratory infections are a common presentation in practice. While most are self-limiting, some patients may experience a frequent recurrence or chronic infections. While vulnerable populations may be more susceptible to chronic or recurrent infections, often this can occur in otherwise seemingly healthy individuals. In these cases, while it is important to provide initial symptomatic relief and immune support, it is the role of the clinician to apply their differential diagnosis skills to understand the underlying driver of chronic immune infections.

  • Extinguishing the Embers of Endometriosis

    Extinguishing the Embers of Endometriosis

    Defined as the presence of endometrial-like tissue found outside of its natural home, the uterus, endometriosis is responsive to a woman’s monthly cyclical hormonal fluctuations, causing inflammation and growth adhesions to neighbouring structures within the pelvic cavity. The tissue is termed endometrial lesions, and can be found anywhere within the pelvic cavity, most commonly around the uterus, bladder, ovaries, fallopian tubes and bowel, but has also been found in more far-reaching organs such as the brain and lungs. The build-up of lesions and subsequent scar tissue formation can affect fertility and functionality of associated organs.

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