MyPatient Ordering.
The smarter,
better way to improve health outcomes.

  • Greater patient compliance
  • No inventory hassles
  • Smarter access to a huge catalogue

Start prescribing

We've made it easier for your patients to stay on track while you grow your business.

Prepare your patients' prescriptions online with access to a huge range of natural healthcare products. Then grant them access to order the products online and we'll deliver right to their doorstep.

With the ability to order refills from home or on the go, patients will find it easier to stay on track while you forget the hassles of managing a physical dispensary and enjoy all the benefits of a passive income stream.

This and more with MyPatient Ordering.

Straight to patient delivery Easy to use
24/7 Access Patients will love it

New and exciting features

We received your feedback and made it even easier for you and your patients. The new features include:

  • Register patients during consultation
  • Create prescriptions and place patient orders during consultation
  • New 'Notification Dashboard'
  • And much more...

See how easy it is to register and check out products on behalf of your patients in the new look 'consult mode'.

Prescribing is easy!

To find out how, watch the video.

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Ordering is easy!

To find out how, watch the video.

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