Eagle Online Policy

Eagle Online Policy


More and more, a growing number of patients and consumers are using the online digital world, as a basis to investigate and find information on healthcare needs. As a result, and understandably, many practitioners are leveraging on-line marketing tools to reach their patients to both actively market and/or sell practitioner-only products.

A core value of Integria Healthcare is to see the world through our practitioners' eyes. We respect that our practitioners will want to market themselves, their practice and their services, however for Integria Healthcare to support this, it must be consistent with our policy to guarantee only professional sale and distribution of our practitioner-only ranges.

Eagle products are sold exclusively to healthcare practitioners, for use with their patients. Our products should only be supplied to an individual after an appropriate consultation with a healthcare professional.

Linked to this is the treatment of how Eagle is potentially marketed and sold on the internet via practitioners. It is important that we clarify our on-line policy related to the Eagle brand. It entails the following:

All Eagle products are not to be sold on any online platforms (including websites and social media) to the general public, other than those owned or specifically authorised by Integria Healthcare.

Healthcare Practitioners may use an on-line platform to service their own patients who have had a previous consultation, as long as this is in a password protected area. Access to this area is to be issued on an individual basis, following an initial face-to-face consultation by the practitioner. Passwords should be granted by the practitioner, based on the premise that there is control over the patient's on-going dispensing needs and number of repeats for each script issued


All information relating to Eagle products must be behind a password-protected area. Any information about an Eagle product may only list a product image, product name (eg. Eagle Beta A-C Powder), a unit size (eg. 200g) and a clinic sell price. No descriptions of products or indications of use are to be displayed.

Any information in any way related to pricing of Eagle products must be limited to the password-protected section only.

Any use of the Eagle trademark and logo is not permissible unless authorised in writing by Integria Healthcare.

You may not use Eagle product names, trademarks or copyrights in any paid search engine marketing campaigns (Pay per Click).

If your website appears in a search using any Eagle trademarks or copyrights you are deemed to be in violation of Eagle's On-line policy.

Integria Healthcare:

Reserves the right to authorise or reject any business or practitioner wishing to utilise an on-line platform for the sale of Eagle products.

Has the discretion to determine whether products can be sold via any business that is seen to be predominantly on-line based.

Will monitor on-line platforms and respond to practitioner feedback regarding violation of this policy.

Reserves the right, for any breach, to cease supply of Eagle products until further investigation has been conducted for an indefinite period.

Eagle is Strictly Practitioner Only. Professional Natural Medicine


To report a suspected breach of our online policy please contact us at compliance@integria.com. All such notification will be treated as confidential. 

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