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Want to listen to your favourite Seminar again? Perhaps you missed a previous Event? You can find our past Seminar and Webinar recordings and documents here.
Have a browse below to see what is available, or use the Filter and Sort functions to find the Event you are looking for.
If you would like to request access to a past event, or have lost your Event access code, please 'contact us'.                                

MyIntegria Education and Events is better than ever. You’ll now enjoy:

  • FREE ACCESS TO PAST CONTENT- A large selection of seminar and webinar event recordings and content over 2 years old are now available for FREE once you are logged in to MyIntegria! Recordings that are less than two years old will still be available for purchase.
    • Webinars $30
    • Shorter day seminars $50
    • Longer day seminars $80
    • PLUS, 20% discount for all students

Please note you will need to be signed in to your MyIntegria account before you can access any education materials.
Your username is your Integria 'Ship-to address' number. You have a Ship to address number assigned to each of your existing delivery addresses.

If you don't have a Integria Healthcare account, click here to apply today!

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